Guidelines for increasing the amount of life insurance and renewing the policy, BAAC, Pathum Thani branch

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Keywords: Economic, Life Insurance Deposit Insurance, Promotions


This research was conducted due to a decrease in life savings income and did not meet the bank is targets due to the current economic situation, resulting in customers who are interested in insurance but do not have investments and customers per insurance. This causes insufficient revenue for operating expenses. The studyer wanted to solve the problem, resulting in more income. The sample used in the study was 400 individuals who used the service to use questionnaires as a data collection tool. Use descriptive statistics to determine percentages, standard deviations, hypotheses tested by dependent t-test and one-way ANOVA, analyzing the causes with SWOT Analysis theory and herring area theory. Find a way to choose using TOWS Matrix Educational Objectives 1. Increase new customers  2. Find solutions for customers to connect to the policy. 3. Increase revenue for both new and new branches Qualitative research model is divided into 2 areas   1. outside by the general public who use the service. 2.Internally, using in-depth interviews from 5 executives, the results showed that 1. The number of policy renewals and the number of new customers decreased due to personal factors and market performance. 2. Solutions by promoting marketing promotion Recommend a suitable insurance plan for customers. Choose how to split.

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