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Keywords: characteristics of business, main activities of logistics, customer satisfaction


This independent study has objective (1) to study about the general characterize of the business that affects to the Colossal International Company Ltd.’s customers. (2) To study about main activities of the logistics that related to the customers of Colossal International Company Ltd.’s satisfaction. For populations to make a study are the Colossal International Company Ltd.’s 802 customers by using purposive sampling. Using information papers for collect the information from 267 people. Data analysis using descriptive statistics that were frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. Inferential statistics were F-Test, and Pearson Correlation. the result, the main examples are the 167-individual company (62.50%), has over 10 years for corporate the business about 104 companies (39.00%), has a duration for 1-5 years for a services about 147 companies (55.10%), and knew Colossal International Company Ltd. from a direct contract for 190 companies (71.20%). Main activity of the logistics are in the high range by using descendent orders as procurement, transportation, customer services, demand forecasting, inventory management, and logistics communication and order processing. And the customers gave the highest score for a satisfaction. The result from hypothesis testing. (1) The differences of duration for business, duration of service, and company Information Recognition in general business information of Colossal International Company Ltd. are not affect to the customer’s satisfaction. (2) Main activity of the logistics are procurement, customer services, demand forecasting, logistics’ communication, inventory management, and transportations has relation to the Colossal International Company Ltd.’s customers in statistical significance as 0.05%, by having a relationship in the same direction.

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