Non - systematic Management Problems Solving of XYZ Rental House Apartment

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Keywords: Solving the Problem of non-Systematic Apartment Management, Benchmarking, TOWs Matrix Analysis


The purposes of this study was to analyze the causes of non-systematic management problems and guidelines for the development of management systems and the strategy of XYZ Rental Houses Apartment. By comparing with competitors within the same business. This study is a qualitative research. The data collected by depth interviewing the executives of XYZ rental houses apartment and the sample population of 5 samples. To analyze the guidelines for improving the management system of The XYZ rental houses apartment, using the theory Fish Bone Diagram, management concept, Marketing Mix’7Ps , Benchmarking, Market Segmentation, Generic Strategies, TOWs Matrix Analysis. The result shows, the causes of non-systematic management problems of XYZ Rental Houses Apartment. As follows the main reasons are people, methods of work, tools and management.
And caused by sub-causes are time management of apartment owner, employment in the housekeeper and maintenance technician sections, contract document system, security equipment and management system planning. The researcher has proposed guidelines for non-systematic management problems solving of XYZ rental houses apartment by using Improve the apartment management system strategies ( WO Strategies ). That focuses on correcting the weakness of the business and bring the opportunities to use to benefit of the development of the apartment management system.

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