Revenue Increase for Clothing Accessories and Souvenirs Shop Case Study UTCC SHOP

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Keywords: Revenue Increase, Inventory, Warehouse


The objective of the research is to study the increasing of UTCC clothing accessories and souvenirs shop’s income. “UTCC Shop Case Study”. The data collection was a combination between Qualitative Research data collection and Quantitative Research data collection. The data were collected and analyzed by mixed methods. Qualitative Research data collection was conducted by collecting the data concerning ideas about the environment inside and outside Including information about inventory management systems the UTCC Shop from employees representing the agency. Quantitative Research data collection was conducted samples consisted of lecturers, officers, students, to collect and plan marketing to increase revenue by the Market Mix 4P.

From the study of internal and external environment (SWOT Analysis) and inventory management of the store. Found that the lack of a product management system and the delay in the ordering process as a result, the store lacks revenue from having a large amount of stock in some products and the products begin to deteriorate and therefore cannot be sold. In which knowledge and theory are used to find ways to increase store revenue by applying concepts and theories about strategy formulation (TOWS Matrix). With the strategy that is chosen as the guideline Is a review and evaluation strategy by using electronic management systems. And from the results of the survey on store shopping behavior found that the products that customers like the most variety of colors T – Shirt (Hua Kan Kar T-Shirt). The shop should conduct give away more questionnaires about which colors customers like best to meet the needs of customers. And the least attention to customers is the colorful plastic pens, The shop should arrange sales promotion and promotion, So that the outstanding products are sold out and without loss. As for the study of customer feedback, there are 4 aspects of marketing mix factors. Overall, it was found that the opinions of customers were at a moderate level. When considering in each aspect, Found that the aspect that agreed the most was product, next is the price and the smallest is Marketing promotion. What the UTCC SHOP should do is developing products to be more diverse, To meet the needs of customers. Therefore, if the researcher can solve the problem here, the shop will have more revenue.

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