The Study of Relationship between Teachers Motivation and Loyalty (Yamaha Music School)

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  • ฐานิตา ฆ้องฤกษ์
Keywords: Music School, Work Motivation, Loyalty, Music Teacher


This research aimed to study of relationship between teachers motivation and loyalty. The purpose was study of motivative factor of piano teacher affect to brand loyalty. This study was research the qualitative by questionnaire. The results appeared that most average age of questionnaire were females between 25-30 years old, single and bachelor’s degree. Their average incomes are 30,000-50,000 baht per month. The hypothesis testing result of work motivation factor was found from the group of samples that their preference primary, were the Policy and Administration, secondary was Achievement, and the last was the Job security. Most of the samples have opinions about motivation to be a piano teacher. "Strongly agree" with an average of 4.27 and a standard deviation of equal to (S.D. = 0.46). And the statistical test results of the coefficient of the initial variables of 14 numbers gave the multiple correlation coefficient (R) equal to 0.924 and was able to explain the variation of the loyalty of the piano teachers in the Institute of Music as a whole with Significance at the level of 0.05 is 85.3% (R2 = 0.853)

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