Guidelines for increasing the bank loan amount of the Government Savings Bank, Tha Phae Branch, Chiang Mai Province

  • อัญชลี อัครชาญชยา
  • ฐานิตา ฆ้องฤกษ์
Keywords: Bank loan, People's Bank Loan


This study aims to study 1) to study credit service behavior, 2) to study the factors of service marketing factors that affect the selection of the public loan program, 3) to analyze SWOT analysis and 4) to determine guidelines for increasing bank loans, The Government Savings Bank, Tha Phae branch. The samples of 253, analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, F-test, t-test and Chi-Square statistics. The results of the study showed that; 1) because the interest rate of the Government Savings Bank is higher than other banks , the customers borrow more than 1 loan and have more than 150 outstanding debts therefore unable to borrow more. 2) The solution to the problem is reduce interest rates on loans, offering loans that do not require collateral and the bank repay the debt instead of customers 3) The strength of the bank is the reputation of the Government Savings Bank is acceptable. The weakness is the loan interest rate higher than other banks. But the Government Savings Bank has received support from the government and therefore has an opportunity to increase credit Increase loan application channels via mobile phone applications and service quality development at Tha Pae Branch.


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