Factors Effecting the Customer Service Loyalty: Case Study of Krirkyos Clinique

  • รสริน ชลายนเดชะ
  • ฐานิตา ฆ้องฤกษ์
Keywords: Satisfaction, Krirkyos Clinic, Loyalty


This research, Factors that affecting to loyalty of service case study Krirkyos clinic, was aimed to study satisfaction of customers with drug prices, vaccines, and medical supplies affected to decision making in service and to study service use of customers of the clinic. Questionnaires were used in this quantitative research to collect data from the customers of the clinic as a sample size for 280 cases, quantitative analyzing and inferential statistics with multiple regression analysis. The results showed that most of the sample size were female (58.6%), aged between 41-60 years old (43.6%), private company employees (28.6%), and salary between 20,001-30,000 baht (31.4%). And satisfaction in time, facilities, prices, and quality were associated with customer loyalty with statistical significance.

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