The Mutual Integrated Approach to Manage Gypsum Resources for Maximum Benefits between Gypsum Mining Operators and Government Agencies

  • ปัทมพร ใจเรือน
  • จรัชวรรณ จันทรัตน์
Keywords: License, Gypsum, Integrate, One Stop Service


The objective of this independent research is to study the complicated process of applying for a license or renewing a Gypsum Mining Concession and find solutions by applying relevant theories appropriately and interviewing the Gypsum mining operators and relevant government agencies. Although the study found that applying and renewing a Gypsum Mining Concession have the same process, there are still unnecessary processes that can be reduced by using Lean concepts. Even after successfully solving the basic problem, another important problem causing by many agencies involvement in issuing the license occurs. If all agencies are able to integrate together, it will bring maximum benefits to all relevant parties in the system. The result shows that using the One Stop Service strategy will integrate cooperation from all agencies which helps reduce problems of complicated work and synchronizes data between relevant agencies. The use of information technology system to maximum gain makes it conveniently fast, reduces cost burden, shortens working hours, and is more effective which is consistent with the result of this research.

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