Study the Factors that Influence the Employee's resignation Burgerista, Essen Branch, Germany

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Keywords: Resignation Problems, Impact, Restaurant, Germany


The objective of this study is to study the causes of problems. To study the reasons for the resignation of employees at the Bergerista, Essen, Germany To study the factors that influence the resignation of employees And to find a solution to the resignation problem Population used in the study The sample consisted of a sample of 16 Burgerista employees, using data collection tools in the study, interviewing tools used to study the root cause of the problem, namely the Fish Bone Diagram and the (Ishikawa Diagram) principle. Data and the entire population are employees at the Burgerista store and analyze SWOT Analysis.

The conclusion of the study shows that The reason that employees leave Is the cause of dissatisfaction in the management system and human resource management The positioning system is not suitable. By offering the best solution to the problem of leadership In solving the problems of employees with bad attitudes towards leaders Able to solve problems quickly And to the point can create familiarity among employees among themselves, between employees and managers with a wider vision of motivation for employees.

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