Factors That Affect the Expectation Period of Loan Payment of The Government Housing Bank Customers Case Study of Government Housing Bank’s Employees

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Keywords: the expectation period of loan payment, the ability to repay debts, the Government Housing Bank


This independent study has a purpose. To study the ability to repay debts relating to the debtor (capacity) and the bank directly (including the provision of guidelines for increasing the installment period of the loan) Of the Government Housing Bank Conducted using quantitative research patterns (Quantitative Research) with survey research method which collected data by using questionnaires from the target group of the 200 Government Housing Bank employees. There were 158 respondents. Questionnaire that the researcher created by defining the key points of the question under the Conceptual Framework defined in order to be consistent with the objectives And the hypothesis of the research found that.
Factors that affect the expectation period of loan payment of the Government Housing Bank customers and can explain the variance of variables 65.10%, comprising 8 factors, namely, the installment period according to the contract. Value of collateral used in applying for natural disaster loans, annuity / installment period is not appropriate. Migration, gender, map will close the account before the contract period. And regions of collateral.

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