Risk Management in Commercial Refrigeration of Lucky Star Universal Co.,Ltd.

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Keywords: Small and medium enterprises, Risk management, Work success


The purpose of this study was to study and compare the opinions about the risk management operations of Lucky Star Universal Company Limited by using qualitative research methodology. With group discussions In order to know the appropriate strategy for the organization And the organization can use the information found to be used as guidelines in Development in the future And explore Data were collected by using questionnaires from 136 samples and analyzed by using frequency distribution statistics, percentage, mean, standard deviation. The hypothesis testing of the study is based on the t-test, F-test and the double difference test by the LSD method to determine the classification according to personal factors. The sample number is 136 people. Most employees are male. Age between 31-40 years, educational level lower than bachelor's degree Under the production department And having work experience between 1 - 5 years, with opinions about the operation, overall risk management at a high level When considering each aspect, it was found that In the evaluation of risk management in support of senior management in monitoring risk management processes In the implementation of the risk management process continuously And effective communication is at a high level Training and human resource mechanisms are at a moderate level. The hypothesis testing found that employees with different personal factors In general, there are no different opinions. But different work experience Have comments The communication efficiency was significantly different at the level of 0.05.

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