Strategy for increase to a sales of Tawandang Distribution Center Management Company Ltd, Nakhonpathom Branch

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  • พีรพงษ์ ฟูศิริ
Keywords: Strategy, Retailer


The purpose of this research is to study the behavioral factors of consumers affecting the decision to open a new distribution channel for the distribution center (DC) in Tawandang  DCM Company Limited, Nakhon Pathom Branch. Leading to increasing future sales for the organization. By using samples which are A group of non-retail shops of 200 people in the care area Uses an unidentified sampling population based on the formula of W.G. Cochran and an existing system of 200 retail stores in the administrative area. Uses random sampling, knowing the exact population based on Taro Yamane's formula.The instrument used in this study was a questionnaire. (Questionnaire), which can be divided into 4 parts, including questions about demographic characteristics. Questions about asking about consumer behavior Questions about the factors that affect buying And more suggestions From the conclusion of the research about various customer behaviors, it is found that Customers who do not have a retail characteristic Which is a new target group Has made the decision of buying products in the matter Convenience factor in choosing the most According to the marketing mix 4C, in contrast to the retail customer group, the decision to buy the product in  Demand for products And more cost-effective Which requires managing strategies in each different channel.

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