Study of Attitudes and Perceptions of Service Quality in Relation to Decide to Use The Japanese Restaurant In Rung Thep Maha Nakhon District

  • เมรญา ขวัญแก้ว
  • พีรพงษ์ ฟูศิริ
Keywords: Attitude, Service Quality Perception, Decision


The purpose of this study aimed to study The objective to study the attitudes of consumers that influence the decision to use Japanese restaurant and to study the reception. Of the quality of service that influences the decision to use Japanese restaurant. The sample population of this study was consumers using Japanese restaurants aged 18 and over, both males and females, and analyzed by using statistical software. With descriptive and inferential analysis

The results showed that the samples were 224 males or 62.6%, aged between 19 - 30 years, 196 persons were 196%, education level was 281 bachelor's degree. 78.5 percent are self-employed / 169 self-employed businesses, representing 47.2 percent, with monthly income 15,001 - 30,000-baht, 180 people, representing 50.3 percent. And from the hypothesis testing found that The consumers' attitudes do not affect the decision to use the Japanese restaurant and the different perceptions of the service quality, affecting the decision to use the Japanese restaurant with statistical significance at the level of 0.05

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