Strategies for Increasing Sales Volume of Furniture and Home Decoration

  • ภวิตา ศรีรัตนะ
  • พีรพงษ์ ฟูศิริ
Keywords: Increasing Sales, Strategy


The purpose of this study is to analyze the strategies used at IKEA Bang Yai store for increasing the sales volume of furniture and other home decorations. Additionally, this study's results are significantly crucial for both business management and strategies used in the organization. This current study employed questionnaires from 385 people, including both visitors and consumers who come to buy furniture and home decoration at IKEA Bang Yai store. After the participants completed the questionnaires, the data were analyzed by using the W.G. Cochran formula. The results showed that currently, many customers have detached houses as their accommodation and the buying opportunity was to replace the old furniture. Thus, the data analysis suggested suitable strategies for the organization, which is the focus and differentiation strategies, to be strategic solutions for purchasing the target group and increasing customer numbers. Moreover, in the long term, this helped the organization achieve its sales target to compete with other competitors.

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