The Strategy to Create More Competitive Advantage of Fan Coffee’s Brand in Sala Daeng Area

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Keywords: Competitive Advantage


This independent study aims to  1) study the behaviors and service marketing mix factors that are important in the decision to purchase a coffee drink in the coffee shop of the target customers in Saladaeng Road area  2) study the importance of service marketing mix factors that are important to the decision to buy coffee drinks in the coffee shop of the target customers in Saladaeng Road area, and  3) creating strategies for the competitive advantage of the coffee business of Fan coffee by study the behaviours and factors of the service marketing that is important for the decision to buy coffee in the coffee shop.

The sample group used in the research was 400 coffee consumers in Sala Daeng Road area, and Fan Coffee shop. The questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection and analysis. The result of the research showed that consumers place importance on variables regarding convenient and quick distribution channels, management, service-minded and friendly staff, clean environment, and processes in providing hygienic services.

In terms of formulating strategies, 4 strategies were used as a strategy including method 1: Market Penetration Strategy (SO) to develop and penetrate the market by increasing distribution channels along with the promotion, such as delivery to the local area  etc., method 2: Market Development Strategy (WO)  to encourage consumers to in perceiving products and services through promotions and advertisements by using various online channels. This strategy will help increase market share, which will affect product sales and business growth, method 3: Product development strategy (ST) by creating new uniquely coffee recipes which help the business or brand to become more well-known, and increased profits from coffee sales of the business as well, and method  4: Low-cost focus strategy (WT) using business strategy by adjusting the menu according to the needs of customers. This strategy can increase market share in the replacement products that are available in the area which will result in increased product sales.

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