Strategies to build salesforce engagement of Internet Thailand Public Company Limited

  • ณัฐมน เกษตรศิริ
  • พีรพงษ์ ฟูศิริ
Keywords: Engagement in firm, Strategy


The purpose of this research was to study the factors of motivation for sales staff, the factors of salesman's engagement and to create the strategy of salesman's engagement. By used questionnaire from 250 firm’s staff. The study found that respondents gives priority in descending order in relation to colleagues and supervisors ranked first, followed by Expressive behavior, Environment, Awareness, Career advancement, Job security, Aspects of the work performed, Policy and Management, Feeling And the least is the salary. There are 5 strategies to solve the problem 1) Use WebEx for sale. 2) Set OKR for sales. 3) Create platform for operating system. 4) Organizational structure adjustment. The researcher chose the strategy 2 and 4 for motivation and engagement of sales staff. Internet Thailand Public Company Limited.

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