Tendency to influence intention to quit Of employees under the Risk Management Group

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Keywords: Trend, Influence, Intention, Resign


The study of trends affecting the resignation intention of employees under the Risk Management Group to solve the problem of increasing staff turnover every year. Resulting in the loss of employment costs and the burden of replacement staff development costs The objective is to study the causes of resignation of employees. Analyze employee development costs and study guidelines for staff retention or motivate qualified employees to work with the organization the scope of research is considered by employees under the Risk Management Group. Determine sample groups for research By using the sample formulation of Taro Yamane, a sample of 174 people. The tools used in this research were sample interviews and questionnaires. Which relies on the concept of relevant research theory to be used as a framework for query writing Is a rating scale rating questionnaire Ask about the resignation trend of respondents which is a factor related to work and organizational factors Intention to quit the job of the respondent The results of the resignation trend of the respondents found that Factors related to work in the overall picture. Respondents had a level of opinion at the agreed level. From statistical values, can summarize trends that influence employees' willingness to resign progress in working in policy and administration in relation to colleagues, analysis of expenses that the bank suffered for 10 years, loss of 1 person who has resigned from the bank must The cost of this loss is 4,416,966.92 baht. This does not include any other losses. The results of this research and from the sample group interview Including suggestions from the respondents that were consistent with the research results Making the bank aware of the causes that affect the resignation of employees and use as a solution to improve and prevent resignation Create morale and encouragement for employees to work. Maintain effective staff. As well as being a guideline for executives in strategic planning of the organization, solving problems of resignation or preventing causes that affect the resignation of employees. Reduce the cost of replacement staff development.


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