The consumers’ reduction tendency of using the mobile service truck of Government Savings Bank (GSB) Region 15

  • ศิรประภา เจรียงโรจน์
  • อริสรา เสยานนท์
Keywords: Service, Mobile Service Truck, Government Savings Bank


The objective of this study was to investigate causes and solutions of the consumers’ reduction of using the mobile service truck of Government Savings Bank Region 15. The study employed a survey research method with convenience sampling 400 participants. Data analysis was done by using frequency, percentage, means, and standard deviation. The results after run Pearson's correlation analysis indicated that most of the sample makes deposit and withdrawal by using the mobile service truck between 5.30 pm. – 8.30 pm. on Saturday and Sunday at the government area, fresh market, and flea market. Testing results revealed that consumers’ behavior of using was related to the decision-making process of using the mobile service truck at a statistically significant of 0.05 levels. The cause of Consumers’ reduction was date-time and place of providing services not match with consumers’ needs. So, the GSB should revise plan for providing the mobile service truck to cover needs of consumers together with improving the effectiveness advertising and public relations.


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