The Guidelines to Increase and Renew of Relief Fund Deposit on Mobrak Plan of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), Chum Phae Branch

  • เยาวเรศ คำวงษ์
  • อริสรา เสยานนท์
Keywords: Mobrak Deposit, Liability Insurance, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC)


The Guidelines to increase and renew of relief fund deposit on Mobrak plan of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), Chum Phae Branch, Khon Kaen Province made for find the main cause of the deposit amount and the renewal of Mobrak deposit of the customers at BAAC, Chum Phae Branch, Chum Phae District, Khon Kaen Province which tend to decrease every year. Operated in all 4 sub-districts including Chum Phae Sub-district, Chai So Sub-district, Wang Hin Lart Sub-district and Nong Phai Sub-district, with a total of 2,877 customers. Data were collected by using questionnaires from 339 customers. It was found that most of the customers from the sample were 58.7% male, 33.9% aged 61-70 years, 44.5% elementary school graduates, 51.3% farmers and 71.4% marital status. Most of the customers had income and expenses in the same range, including debts that was higher than the amount of Mobrak deposit. The main reason that customers did not deposit the Mobrak deposit due to the deposit period and the renewal period, customers did not have the funds for Mob Rak deposit. The second reason was that the customers were not in the condition of a Mobrak deposit. In the case of customers choose between Mobrak deposit and the company's debt insurance as determined by the bank, it was found that most customers choose to Mobrak deposit first. In addition, the researcher has suggested ways to solve problems in order to formulate an operational strategy according to the objectives of the BAAC to increase the Mobrak deposit amount of the BAAC Chum Phae Branch to meet the goal.The solution  1) is Promotion Strategy , solution  2) is Market Expansion Strategy and the last solution is Loyalty Strategy.

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