The Study on Problem of Damaged Receipt Mobile Printers of Carabao Tawandang Co., Ltd. Distribution Center to Solve Unavailable Device Problem

  • ภูดิศ เกิดเสมอกุล
  • อริสรา เสยานนท์
Keywords: Receipt Printers, Distribution Center, Life Time


The objective of this independent study was to study the problem of distribution center on several damaged receipt printers causing not enough printers in work place by the interview with managers of 31 distribution centers to find the true reason of the damage and to correctly solve the problem to reduce the damage and maintenance which took long time causing not enough equipment in workplace. The results indicated that main reason of the printer damage was from maintenance and their age as the current receipt printers have been used for a long time. Some of the printers used in distribution center aged around 4 years which was considered long life time for such electronic equipment. However, the depreciation of the receipt printers was at 5 years and if the maintenance costed less than depreciation price, new printers could not be bought. Moreover, each distribution center maintenance and standard was different, the reparation or purchasing new receipt printers took long time according to purchasing process.  The results also indicated that the employees did not have correct usage and maintenance knowledge causing the damage. The solution was to make handbooks and train the managers from every branch to transfer the knowledge to the employees together with the consultancy on questioned topics to make the employees understand, follow up after the training with the handbook budget of 3,100 THB with mutual understanding creation duration of 1 week for the accordance of every distribution center.

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