Fantasy for Trombone by Zygmunt Stojowski: An Interpretation

  • กิตติภัต ระตินัย
  • เด่น อยู่ประเสริฐ
Keywords: Interpretation, Trombone, Practicing, Methods, Techniques


The objectives of this study were to 1) investigate the interpretation of Zygmunt Stojowski's Fantasia for Trombone by three trombonists including Alexander Nyankin, Rick Stout, and Christian Lindberg, 2) present an insightful interpretation and examine problems in the performance of Fantasy for Trombone by Sigmund Stowski, and 3) examine trombone practicing techniques.

The interpretation of the selected piece was conducted using the following steps: analyzing the instrumental play, identifying problems in the performance of this piece in order to propose the suitable practicing techniques and methods, planning practice, finding solutions to the problems, and interpreting the selected piece.

The performing techniques and practicing methods included breathing, voicing, legato technique, dynamic control, lip slur, legato across the harmonic series over 1 range, high pitch and loud articulation, and bow position alternating.


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