Arrange Travel Rout and Development of Thailand Touring for Most Efficiency Study, Case Study ABC Travel Co, Ltd.

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Keywords: Arrange travel route, Development travel, Reduce cost


Arrange travel rout and development of Thailand touring for most efficiency study, case study ABC Travel co, ltd. In purpose for 1. Reduce cost and time for traveling to tourist attraction of each elderly foreigner customers touring program. 2. For satisfaction increase in services, price, time, and tourist attraction of elderly foreigner customers. 3.To acknowledge elderly foreigner customers mutual needs. 4. Increase company income with analyzing method and colleting questionnaire and study from relevant documents. With 400 study population, the result founds that ABC co, ltd. can use Tour schedule integration (Mass - Customize Tourism) and Reduce fare costs guidelines to solve the problems which Tour schedule integration (Mass - Customize Tourism) guideline can reduce 480 baht per round and Reduce fare cost can reduce 16,560 baht cost from original cost at 63,230 baht to 46,670 baht respectively.

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