Improving warehouse management raw material inventory and production process efficiency

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Keywords: Why-Why analysis, Package software, Barcode, Improvement of production process


Research objectives is to study the whole process of Sor. Supakit Plastech co.,ltd. in order to analyze the problems that arise internally, finding the solution to improve product management efficiency, raw material and production process. Analysis and identify the main factors that are expected to be the major cause by using WHY-WHY analysis. Company working inefficient is the result of 2 major causes which are the delay of customer receiving the product and selling rate cannot be reduced to compete with competitors. Mainly causes are the product can’t find or out of stock, no standard of production process and redundant processes. These problems can be divided in three groups, stock problems, production process problems and inventory layout problems. Therefore, product and raw materials codes and production order have been designed, integrated with the package software to be applied in stock control process. This resulted in a reduction in the process of withdrawing raw materials, accounting for 54.17% or 15,886.416 baht. To improve the production process and pack of key products from 1.47 minutes per piece, 28 steps reduced to 0.453 minutes per piece, 10 steps. Improving the process of picking up goods for production can reduce 100% errors in picking, or equivalent to 309,250 baht comparing with the amount of waste in  2019.
The adoption of a package to improve raw material receiving and product sales is approximately 30% faster and calculating the maximum storage capacity of the company's main products to increase the potential of selling to customers.

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