Operation Reduction Guidelines for Efficiency Improvement about Export Document Case Study : Thai Coconut Public Company Limited

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Keywords: ECRS, AHP, The evaluation and selection of logistic service provider Article type: Research paper


The independent study is entitled “guidelines to reduce operational procedures to improve the export documentation process quality” resulting in the expenses of internal and external organization affected the delay product delivery. This independent study Its objectives are 1) to study and present the guideline to improve working steps, duration and compare the working steps between previous pattern and the new one, and 2) to study the factors and present the guideline used to evaluate and select the tractor logistic service providers.

The study results found that there were 9 steps of the previous document operation steps which took 56 minutes to make 1 set of documents. The previous work working steps also did not have the supporting information for the customers and other departments working in the company. Therefore, the theory of ECRS was used to improve, reduce and integrate working process. The process was easier through online system and was able to reduce working steps to only 7 steps in 23 minutes. The problems of previous working steps affected the original copy of the documents for the customers in destination country in order to release the products from the pier. If there was document delay, it resulted in the fine in the destination country. From the problem, it was found that there were 285 sets of delayed documents. Therefore, KPI was used as the standard of delivery original copy to the customer by setting document delivery standard according to customers’ county zones. 4 days for Asian zone, 7 days for Europe, USA and Australia in order to prevent the delay and create satisfaction for the customers. The external problems were the delay of tractor logistic service providers which was found 15% resulting in the expenses of delay container returning and the fine from being unable to deliver the products in time for 237,851.30 THB. The researcher then selected AHP evaluation by selecting QCDS as the criteria the punctuation 0.74, cost 0.13, quality 0.07 and service 0.06. From the selection, it was able to choose STK tractor service provider with scores result 0.68, SIGMA with scores result 0.22 and RR with scores result 0.10. After the selection, there was only 5% of the delayed delivered containers and the fine from tractor service provider was 66,400 THB.

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