Factors Affecting to Household Loan

  • อรุณรัตน์ อ้อยงาม
  • นงนภัส แก้วพลอย
Keywords: Household Debt, Exchange Rate, Deposit Amount, Treasury Bill


The purpose of this research was to study factors affecting household loan. Data from B.E. 2550 – 2561 were monthly collected for 144 months. Pool data were quantitative analyzed by statistical software package.  By econometric methodology, all factors were gathered to create model and to analyze the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The independent coefficient and Pearson coefficient correlation were estimated by multiple linear regression, ordinary least squares (OLS), and statistical correlated calculation of multiple linear regression. It was found that factors affecting household debt were directly proportional to the Treasury bill with statistical significance at 0.05 level. In addition, the factors were related to logarithm of exchange rate, and logarithm of deposit amount in direct proportion with statistical significance at 0.01 level.

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