Optimization of Air Transport Services

Case study of ABC Company

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Keywords: Consolidate, Fishbone diagram, Channel of Distribution


This research studies the increasing performance of air transportation in case of ABC. Sample This study the delivery of the product was carried out within a period of 1 year. Researchers have studied transport cost amounts to 19% or 23,605,986.62 baht of total expenditures per year And the cost of product claims accounted for 12% or 5,039,887.85 baht, which is a reason to reduce such costs. The researcher studied related factors as follows. 1.Packaging method 2. Shipment process 3. Product distribution method. The objective is to propose a way to improve packaging processes in order to increase product quantity and delivery package size. To reduce transportation costs and the cost of product claims in the event that the product is damaged during transport. And analyze various distribution channels the survey will collect information. By using the cause and effect diagram theory to analyze the causes of problems that arise, and this research has applied the theory of consolidate to reduce the cost of shipping. Including studying ways to increase sales by using the principle of adding new distribution channels The result is lower shipping costs to 15,737,324.41 baht The cost of packaging equipment by 98.19% and the increase of distribution channels can help increase sales by 4.79% or 2,713,987.38 baht from the above method. Can be used to create operational standards Until discovered that in addition to helping to increase sales It can also help reduce the workload of employees in their operations by up to 30%.

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