Increasing Efficiency and Creating Value Added to Business

Case Study of Chuenjit San Chao Shop

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Keywords: Optimization, Value Creation


Self-study on "Increasing efficiency and creating added value to the business Case Study of Chuenjit San Chao Shop "is a study to find ways to modify the working process to increase income for the business. When conducting surveys and collecting information within the store, the problems that arise are No, the product rotation has never been calculated. The storage of the product is not clearly identified. And never calculating the ordering point The last problem is that the shops have no added value to their products and they have no market expansion. The editing process starts from collecting information of all products in the store. They are grouped by type of products that are used together or the same type of product together. By collecting data from the past 1 year to calculate the inventory turnover rate and the Inventory value Turnover acquired. Grouping of products according to the principles of ABC Analysis to bring the layout of the layout design layout storage. Specify the storage location According to the study, it took only 2 minutes to search for products per time, instead of 10 minutes per time, and the reorder point analysis yielded an overall reasonable stock value of 1,326,175 baht. It is enough to sell. In addition, from the original with total stock value of 551,414 bath , there was also a strategy analysis for merchants by analyzing TOWS Martrix, which resulted in an increase of 5,000 baht per month of average business income or 4.17% from increasing online distribution channels. 

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