Transformational Leadership of Supervisors and the Organizational Development Strategy of Siam Products Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

  • จงดี รวมลาภ วิทยาลัยนวัตกรรมสังคม
  • ฉัตรวรัญ องคสิงห์
Keywords: Transformational Leadership, Marketing mix, Product development


The objective of this qualitative research was to investigate transformational leadership of supervisors and organizational development strategies of Siam Products Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. The sample consisted of 5 employees in operational level, 8 customers, and 3 supervisors.

The results of this study indicated that transformational leadership of the sample supervisors consisted of four elements as follows: 1) Idealized Influence refers to leaders  have a clear goal in setting a purpose  and dare to open up to new things; 2) Inspirational Motivation refers to leaders have encouragement to work regularly with subordinates; 3) Intellectual Stimulation refers to leaders educate additional  knowledge  to their subordinates with mindfulness in solving problems; and 4)  Individualized Consideration refers to leaders choose the most beneficial thing for their subordinates and suitable thing for the job. Furthermore,  7s framework was applied as marketing development strategies adapted to the organization, which comprising 1)  Adjusting the performance strategies and implementing different structural strategies, and modify prices that are accessible to most customers; 2) Organizing commanding structure from top to bottom; 3) Organizing management system based on the chain of command under the division of departments for thorough management and supervision, 4) Shared values refer to cultivating common values by creating quality products and meet customers’ demand, 5) Supervisors will be responsible if their subordinates make mistakes, 6) Selecting employees who come to work in line with their graduation and  according to their needs and lastly 7) Promoting skills for employees who have strength in production and good sales to enhance standard and professional sales.

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