Financial Transactions on Smartphone of People in Pathumthani Province.

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Keywords: financial transactions, familiarity, operating system


This research has force majeure 1) to study different cultures affecting the financial channels on smartphones in the provinces of Pathumthani and 2) to research different applications that affect Direct financial on smartphones of the provinces of Pathumthani. The sample group used in this research was a “population group” or “sample group” who used financial transactions on smartphones, using questionnaires as a data collection tool. The statistics used for data analysis were percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-Test, F-Test and One Way ANOVA. The study shows

  1. Most of the population in Pathum Thani Province are females (63.8%), aged less than 20years old (21.8%), hold bachelor’s degree (33.5%), average income 20,000-30,000baht per month (33.5%), Occupation as a private company employee (29.5%).
  2. The majority of the population in Pathum Thani province use Android system (57.8%), mostly used Mobile Banking service of Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited (27.8%), Frequency of Mobile banking service more than 30times per month (38.5%), average income 20,000-30,000baht per month (33.5%), most of them use Mobile Banking service to transfer money, transactions, pay bills (24.1%).
  3. The population of Pathumthani Province had a level of attitude towards financial transactions on smartphones. And the perceived benefit of the most use was 4.90, followed by familiarity with banks with an average of 4.66, safety with an average of 4.64and on the acceptance of smart financial transactions. The fone average was 4.54, respectively.
  4. The results of the hypothesis testing found that 1) Demographic factors consisting of gender, age, education level, income and occupation affected the financial transactions on smartphones of the population of Pathumthani Province. The difference was statistically significant at the 0.05level. 2) Types of Application Mobile banking such as the choice of banking services that provide Mobile Banking service, how often mobile banking service is used, and different purposes for using Mobile Banking service. Affected the financial transactions on smartphones of the population of Pathumthani Province were significantly different at 0.05level. The operating system of Smartphone is different. It does not affect financial transactions on smartphones of the population of Pathum Thani Province.
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