Integrated Marketing Communication Factors and Service Quality Factors Affecting Customer's Decision to Choose Mika Clinic

  • อนุชิตา ทองประไพ MBA Rangsit university
  • สุมาลี สว่าง
Keywords: Integrated Marketing Communication, Service Quality, Decision


The purposes of this research were (1) To study the difference of demographic factors affecting customer's choose Mika Clinic. (2) To study integrated marketing communication factors affecting customer's decision to choose Mika Clinic. And (3) To study service quality factors affecting customer's decision to choose Mika Clinic.The data collecting of this research is convenience sampling technique and a survey questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection with 400 peoples who used to service at Mika Clinic. Statistical analysis conducted by descriptive statistics including frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. Inferential statistics including T-Test, One-Way ANOVA (F-Test), and Multiple Regression Analysis.The results of testing hypothesis is found that:1)The demographic factors includin,gender,age,income,maritalstatus and occupation affecting customer's decision to choose MikaClinic.2)Integrated marketing communication, including public relations, personal selling and direct marketing affecting customer's decision to choose Mika clinic. with statistical significance at the level of 0.05 3)Service quality, including tangibility and empathy affecting customer's decision to choose Mika clinic. With statistical significance at the level of 0.05.

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