The Designing of 3D Animations to Make Parents Aware of The Negative Effects of Raising Their Children with Excessive Rigor

  • นรุตม์ กลัดสำเนียง
  • อวิรุทธ์ เจริญทรัพย์
  • ชัยพร พานิชรุทติวงศ์
Keywords: Strict Parenting, 3D Animation


The aim of this study was to raise awareness of the negative effects of strict parenting that remain a problem among children today and are likely to increase. It uses 3D animation in its presentation as it is accessible to both teenagers and adults as well as all genders. The study procedures and methods were divided into 5 steps, namely: studying the causes and disadvantages of strict parenting from various sources; studying techniques on how to create animated media; Then it enters the Pre-production stage. Production stage and Post-production stage, respectively. The results of the study were summarized by using the mean and standard deviation tool from 30 general audiences through a satisfaction questionnaire.

From the study results, it can be concluded that “THE DESIGNING OF 3D ANIMATIONS TO MAKE PARENTS AWARE OF THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF RAISING THEIR CHILDREN WITH EXCESSIVE RIGOR” can build understanding and awareness of the problems caused by overly strict parenting. And audiences love the use of color and light from Chris Columbus' family-style 90s films to evoke the emotion of animation.


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