“Self-Acceptance”; A Semiotics Approach to Animated Music Video Design

  • อมลณัฐ โสภณ RSU
  • พิศประไพ สาระศาลิน
  • ชัยพร พานิชรุทติวงศ์
Keywords: 2D Animation, Music Video, Self-Acceptance, Semiotics


Human beings, by nature, seek acceptance from their society. As a result, there is a push to create the ideal-self in accordance with social values, despite the fact that meeting everyone's expectations is impossible. If a person cannot accept his current real self, which is incongruent with his ideal-self, stress will build up. Although anyone can be affected by this issue, it is frequently overlooked because it is not yet a disease. The main objective of this qualitative research is to create media that help raise awareness of the significance of self-acceptance by applying semiotic principles to communicate an abstract theme through the animated music video of ONE OK ROCK's Stand Out Fit, making it an easy-to-access entertainment medium. A sample of 45 audiences aged 12 to 40 are satisfied with the quality of the music video, and more than 60% understand the message conveyed through the use of signs and can grasp the significance of self-acceptance after watching the music video. We anticipate that due to efforts to minimize the specific experience necessary for interpretation and language barriers through the use of customized signs, this media will be suitable for broad dissemination. It can also be turned into an animated film with direct dialogue to make it easier for kids with limited abstract thinking skills to understand.

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