Officers' Satisfactions towards the Use of Marketing Compute System (MKC) of Government Housing Bank's Metropolitan Business Unit

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Keywords: Marketing Compute System (MKC), Satisfaction


This study aims to investigate officers' satisfactions towards Marketing Compute System (MKC) of loan services provided by Government Housing Bank's Metropolitan Business Unit as well as to seek some recommendation for MKC's improvement to increase service efficiency. The samples of this study are 300 GHB's officers and contract officers who are responsible for loan services in the Bank. The purposive sampling method is applied in this study. The instruments used in this study include 1) a questionnaire to elicit the data which is analyzed in the forms of Frequency, Percentage, Mean, and Standard Deviation. A multiple linear regression is also applied to test the hypotheses of this study, and 2) an in-depth interview to collect the qualitative data which are then analyzed by coding approach and a fishbone diagram.
The study reveals that the Usefulness factor (Beta = 0.616) is the most influencing factor towards the Bank officers' satisfactions on the use of Marketing Compute System. Also, a system navigation factor (Beta = 0.376) is the most influencing factor towards an easy-to-use way of Marketing Compute System. The last factor that most influence the use of Marketing Compute System is visual factor (Beta = 0.596). The interview method is also used in this study. It shows that. There are many other factors which influenced the Satisfactions such as the Task-technology fit, lack of manual, data quality and internal communication.


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