The Guidelines to Increasing Retail Loan of Government Savings Bank, Rajavat Zonal Office

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Keywords: retail loan, the increasing retail loan


The objectives of this research were to study 1) cause of problems increasing retail loan did not accord to the bank target, and 2) suggestion the guidelines to increasing retail loan of Government Savings Bank, Rajavat Zonal Office. The information were collected from the samples using questionnaire of 400 people. Additionally, 3 persons of Vice President, Assistant Vice President Unit of Loan Analysis, Assistant Vice President Unit of Evaluation and Loan Administration Officer Rajavat Zonal Office were interview. The data were investigated using frequency distributions, percentage, mean, standard deviation, test concerning a difference by t-test, One-Way Analysis of Variance, and Multiple Regression Analysis. Also, fish bone diagram was used to find cause of problems and the analysis results were taken to find the way to solving problems using SWOT Analysis and TOWS Matrix.
The results of research showed that 1) the cause of retail loan problems were marketing mix factors, service of product/services, marketing promotions, distribution channels, and processing. The satisfaction on service quality of confidence, reliability, and immediate response were cause of problems on decision using retail loan service. 2) The guidelines to solving problem of increasing retail loans were 4 strategies. They were the growth of products development in organization, the difference in business unit, the 7P's marketing mix, and the finance in duty. The 7P's marketing mix strategy was chosen to operation plan.


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