A Study of Guideline to Reduce Employee Turnover Rate of ABC Clinic

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Keywords: Turnover Rate, Anti-Aging Medicine


The objective of this research was to study of guideline to reduce employee turnover rate of ABC Clinic operates anti-aging and regenerative medicine in the field of health and beauty. Currently, the turnover rate is increasing, In the year 2019 employee turnover rate 45.16%. This problem by collecting information through interviewing the resigned staff to identify the causes. And collect data by questionnaire asking with employees to study job satisfaction. The quantitative data were analyzed using percentage, mean, and standard deviation, and for the qualitative data, content analysis was carried out. Use to SWOT Analysis for analysis a organize, and use to Fishbone diagram for analysis the root causes. In a study has to see 4 causes about compensation and welfare, job characteristics, interpersonal relations, organizational management and organizational communication. Increase efficiency human resource management as guidelines for solving the turnover problem.

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