Brand Image and Values That Influence NIKE Sports Shoes Purchase Decisions of Consumers in Saraburi Province

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  • อัศวิณ ปสุธรรม
Keywords: Brand Image, Prices


The purpose of this study was to study the brand image that influences the decision to buy Nike sports shoes of consumers in Saraburi province and to study the values affecting the decision to buy Nike sports shoes. Of consumers in Saraburi province, The population of this study was the people of Saraburi who come to exercise from the age of 15 years, both males and females. by using the formula for calculating the sample size of W.G. Cochran, the sample size is 384 people. The data were analyzed using statistical software packages with descriptive and inferential analysis methods.

The results showed that the samples were 225 males (62.6%) with the age range 15-25 years, 182 persons (47.4%), the educational level was at the bachelor level, 175 persons (45.6%) had Profession, 113 students (29.4 percent) have a monthly income 10,000-20,000 baht, 140 people (36.5%). There are 219 known social networks (57%). And from the hypothesis testing, brand image and values affect the decision to buy sports shoes. Mikey has statistical significance at the level of 0.05

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