Study the Causes of the Occurrence of the Informal Debt of Foundations (Informal Debt, Government Savings Bank, Songkhla Branch)

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  • อัศวิณ ปสุธรรม
Keywords: Informal Debt, Personal Use, Social Conditions


The objective of this study is to gather data and summarize the data obtained. Regarding the causes of the occurrence of the informal debt of the people in the foundation who requested to use the Government Savings Bank Songkhla Branch including identifying occupational groups that are the most informal debt and the amount of credit approval required to pay off the informal debt. This is a collection of data on retail loans from the Government Savings Bank, Songkhla Branch, which is a collection of data only for the customer group, fixing the informal debt. The tools selected for the analysis are the data collection table from The Government Savings Bank of Songkhla branch. From the study, it is found that the most cause of informal debt is personal expenses. That means that people who are in informal debt are caused by personal expenses that are higher than income. It is the cost of a person's personal character, taste or popularity, which is due to the environment social conditions, as well as the nature of daily life. The highest occupational debt group is government employees. Here refers to the occupational groups, permanent employees and temporary employees. Both government agencies and state enterprises in the Muang Songkhla, Songkhla Province. The average credit limit is 100,000 - 200,000 baht. Therefore, the producer suggests 3 ways to solve the problem 1) The government promotes community financial institutions. 2) The government reduces social inequality. And 3) The Government Savings Bank develops retail loans to meet more needs and can effectively solve informal debt problems.

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