The Project Management Guideline to Prevent Delays: A Case Study of New Custody Metering LPG of Rayong Gas Separation Plant

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  • ศิวฤทธิ์ สุนทรเสณี
Keywords: Project, PERT/CPM, Cost to crash per period, Gas Separation Plant


The objective of this study is to 1) to manage the project to have the project completion probability within 270 days be more than 99% and use the lowest cost to expedite the project and 2) to apply the tools CPM/PERT in the project. Data were the primary data and were collected from the bidding document and the interview. The project is managed by using the Project Management Theory and finding the critical path and the project probability via CPM/PERT and crashing the project by considering the cost to crash per period. The results showed that the New Custody Metering LPG Project in Rayong Gas Separation Plant has a probability that it will be completed within 266 days, equal to 68.79%. The project is too risk to delay. There are 8 options for crashing the project. The most suitable option is Option 2: Crashing activity C (3D Model For Review/Approve) and activity A (Design Routing And GA Drawing For Review/Approve), which project will take the period 245 days, resulting in the probability of completion of the project as scheduled by 99.90% and using the lowest additional cost is 17,692 baht. So it is possible that the awarding contractor will accept PTT's suggestion for the project crashing. As the additional cost that the contractor has to bear is not too much.

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