Research of Agriculturist Satisfaction on Crop Insurance for Longan by Using Standardized Precipitation Index (Measured with Satellite) for small Farmers (Microinsurance) in 2020, Case Studies of Agriculturist Participating in Project of Chiang Mai Area

  • ศิวฤทธิ์ สุนทรเสณี
Keywords: Satisfaction, Crop insurance for longan, Microinsurance, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC)


This independent research is aimed to study the level of satisfaction of the agriculturists, problems, obstacles, and recommendations of those who are involved in longan crop insurance for the damage caused by drought by using the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) (measured with the satellite). For small farmers (microinsurance) in 2020, the data was collected by the questionnaire from the sample of 272 agriculturists who participated in the project in Chiangmai area and also the academic papers, tables, and articles from the concerned departments. According to the information on the internet, the study found that the high average age of the agriculturists and primary education level of the sample causing the agriculturists were difficult to access the form of insurance, so the insurance premium and protection should not be at a too high level to allow the target accessing the insurance. The insurance should be flexible, uncomplicated language in casualty insurance, easy to understand, and simple insurance condition, insurance premium collection by the government to participate in premium, some insurance and the rest are the agriculturist’s cost to pay for insurance premium. This kind of insurance should be improved in the method of estimating the damage caused by natural disasters to agricultural areas, appropriate compensation and compensation payment process including the way of public relations to attract more agriculturists because it probably affects the decision making to buy longan crop insurance for the damage caused by drought in the future.

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