Problems in credit growth of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Nakhonchaisri Branch did not meet the goal.

  • มัทนา มาบุ่งนอก UTCC
  • ศิวฤทธิ์ สุนทรเสณี
Keywords: Loan growth, Marketing mix factor, Public relations


This study aims to addressing the loan growth problem of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Nakhonchaisri Branch that does not meet the goal. The sample group used in the study was 380 credit users of the BAAC Nakornchaisri Branc. The tool used for collecting data was a closed-ended questionnaire, including personal factors, the behavior of using credit services and in terms of service marketing mix in choosing credit services. The statistics used for data analysis were analyzed for percentages, mean, standard deviation and correlation analysis, source and dependent variable with Chi-square. The study found that service marketing mix factors had the greatest effect on the selection of credit services in terms of credit products, price, distribution, marketing promotion, service process and service environment. And found that in the fiscal year 2018 and 2019 the Nakhonchaisri Branch received a higher target, in addition BAAC Nakhonchaisri Branch received high repayment volumes, similar to the increase in loan volume, and therefore did not meet the target loan growth performance. Main reason is due to the land expropriation of the customer and these customers still not returning to use the loan service again. The researcher has selected the appropriate solutions to solve the problems is promotion non-agricultural credit products to all customer groups in order to increase the opportunity to expand the customer base from the majority of small farmers to new groups of customers who are large entrepreneurs or commercial customers. This approach will provide more growth opportunities for non-agricultural credit to compensate for the decline in agricultural credit.

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