Guidelines to increase the number of customers using express money transfer by Western Union

Case study of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives in Samut Prakan Province

  • ศิรินภา แสงหิรัญ University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
  • อริสรา เสยานนท์
Keywords: Western Union, fee based income (FBI), Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives ( BAAC)


The banking business is currently in a highly competitive environment, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) has a policy to increase fee based income (FBI), various channels, Western Union is one of the products that generates a lot of income. This study aimed to study guidelines to increase satisfaction in using Western Union remittance service of BAAC in Samut Prakan Province. A questionnaire was collected from 400 respondents and data analysis by using descriptive statistics with frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation.  Most of the respondents were female, 41-50 years old, single status, high school / vocational education level. General employment with monthly income under 15,000 baht. Customers felt satisfied with BACC service because of the options to choose whether they want to receive in cash or to be transferred directly to their accounts. The main reason why customers chose to transfer or receive money with Western Union at BAAC is because BAAC has Western Union at all of the branches. First time users usually were recommended by friends or family members and customers also felt committed and safe with the BAAC organization. Study shows that age, education, monthly income, and motivation factors are the results of why customers choose to use Western Union at BAAC. With the consistency of the products, the reasons, the emotions, the temperament, the motivation, and the support from the merchant sponsorship, all have influence in the decision to use the service of transferring and receiving money with Western Union at BAAC in Samut Prakan Province.

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