Effects of Using Extubation Practice Guideline on Extubation Successful Rate and Nurses’ Satisfaction with Using the Guideline

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The aim of this intervention research was to investigate the outcomes of using extubation practice guideline in intensive care unit. A purposive sample of 509 patients with ventilator via ET tube, and 29 professional nurses were recruited for this study. The research instruments consisted of the evidence-based   extubation practice guideline, post extubation practice guideline, a questionnaire concerning nurses’ satisfaction with using the guideline and extubation successful rate recording form. Descriptive statistics and one sample t-test were used for data analysis.

The results revealed that the successful rate of extubation in the patients was 95.87%.  High levels of nurses’ satisfaction with using the guideline were reported. Almost 90% of the nurses had overall satisfaction scores at a high level and the overall mean score was significantly higher than that of the standard score (80%) (p=.000).

extubation practice guideline, extubation successful rate, nurses’ satisfaction

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