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Keywords: The Policy, The Sports, The Government


This research purposes to study (1) the development of Sport policy, (2) to study the factors’ definition of Sport policy in the Mr. Chuan Leekpai’s Gogerment that is the qualitative research which study from the documents, the journals, the printing media, and the other research as well as interviewing the Government executives who concern with the sports, the former coach and player of Thailand. They gave the information for study and analyze by description.

The result of study found that the sport policy of Mr. Chuan Leekpai’s Goverment since 1997 – 2001, in the sport’s development consist of the government has the more role in the support. Since they establish the ministry because sports could develop the quality of people the both of the body and mind. That make the people know to be patience and to be kindness. In the part of Sport policy is definite from the Elite model which the leader has the more role to definite the policy. The officials, people, and the institution that aren’t concern with the government will have the more role to definite the policy because every parts could customized but the result will occur with the decision of the government leader who has the power and responsibilities.

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