Enhancing dog and human relationship by developing a dog-human centric concept design

  • Miquel Padrés González
  • Sridhar Ryalie
  • Paijit Ingsiriwat
Keywords: Enhancing dog, human relationship, developing a dog-human centric concept design


Since the beginning of time, it is human nature to develop tools or system to simplify complex matters. Stone age people created tools for hunting and survival purposes. While in this era our brains evolved a greater capacity for complex thoughts. We continue to invent to simplify our life and deliver a level of convenience we did not know we needed. To the point where there is a massive technological leap from our early human ancestors.
We moved from creating products for individual needs to inventive products that are more inclusive for everyone to participate equally. The computing power allows us to develop relatively more advanced products to meet any needs we may have. We observe future trends and found the common ground of “humanizing technology” in every technological aspect whether it is the digital world, the design or the system. It seems we have reached a point at which efficiency and automation are no longer enough. It is not a matter of finding new technologies but rather creating a more humanized technology. With that in mind, we explore the potential ideas for the thesis. This idea exploration and experimentation later leads to an unusual design frameworks which ultimately develop into a dog-human centric concept design that consists of both digital and physical products.


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