A Research and Production of Interactive Infographics to Promote the Media Literacy among Primary School Students

  • นภจินดา ธำรงค์จตุพงษ์
  • ลักษณา คล้ายแก้ว
Keywords: Media Production, Interactive Infographics, Primary School Students, Media Literacy


This study aimed to create interactive infographics in order to promote the digital media literacy of the digital natives who were primary school students. Qualitative research methods were employed for data analysis and the production of interactive infographics. Data used in the analysis were obtained from related documents and informants who were grade 4 students from Phayathai School and who were Specialist of Education and Multimedia Designer. The results showed that media for the primary school students should be multimedia including posters and motion videos, the contents of which promoted the media literacy. This finding led to the production of an infographic poster and two episodes of motion videos entitled ‘Rawang Na Web Plom’ and ‘Phai Rai Social Media’ which could be used to promote the media literary among the primary school students. The production process of these media was divided into four stages: planning, production, post-production, and post-test and evaluation. The evaluation results revealed that the developed interactive infographics could draw students’ attention and help them acquire the media literacy. In addition, these media could be adopted and used in various learning activities.

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