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Keywords: narrative, political corruption


This research is a textual analysis and content analysis on political corruption issues. The purpose of this study is to study the techniques of storytelling reflecting political corruption in the Nua Mek television series on political corruption. 15 episodes Nua Mek 1 television series broadcasted in 2010 and 9 episodes of Nua Mek 2 television series broadcasted in 2012 were analyzed in terms of dialogue, character, and scene through the concept of storytelling. Thai political contexts reflecting political corruption was as well analyzed. The research revealed that.

The narrative strategies that reflect political corruption in Nua Mek 1 and Nua Mek 2 television series can be divided into the analysis of theme, conflict, characters, dialogue and scene. It was found that the narration of Nua Mek 1 and Nua Mek 2 were similar. Anyhow, Nua Mek 2 broadcasted in 2012 has added storytelling on characters withblack magic and four weapons that cause conflict between good and bad character.

Regarding political corruption issues in Nua Mek 1 and Nua Mek 2, it was found that  Nua Mek 1 broadcasted in 2010 was about general corruption of polices and businessmen which is a corruption issue that we can find in today's society, such as taking bribes, gambling, prostitution and drugs. Nua Mek 2 broadcasted in 2012 was about political corruption issues of politicians and businessmen with a management that provides benefits for politicians and businessmen who are intheir favoritism. Furthermore, they also claim for righteousness in the administration of the country.

Nua Mek in 2012 has reflected good and bad politician characters in the ideal politicians in the view of producers and writers including 1) Moral ethics 2) Political legitimacy 3) Transparency 4) Public Participation, which are what good politicians and government officials should have.


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