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Keywords: media video, cheerleading coaching, interactive


This research is aimed at studying and analyzing the key elements used in the production of virtual learning materials for teaching Cheerleading. The study was conducted on 16 high school students from Siam Business Administration Technological College (SBAC). Data was collected by conducting in-depth interviews with expert athletes, trainers, and high school students who want to study Cheerleading. The data was then used to produce the videos for the YouTube™ channel, and test it with the students. The results are discussed in this paper.

 The important elements of Cheerleading contains basic gymnastics, dance, practice, proper form, physical strengths and fitness, flexibility, dedication. The necessary skills include jumping, cheering, ability to somersault and toss, posture, gymnastics, and arm motion. The virtual classroom for Cheerleaders are aimed to teach how to practice warm-up exercises, basic gymnastics, dance, jumping, body movement, teamwork, rules of competition, generate motivation and excitement, expert views, etc. giving them the opportunity to learn new things.

The videos are produced and published in 8 clips, each 5-10 minutes long. They included introduction of practice exercises, warm-up routine, gymnastics, hand movements, and team coordination. The production process consisted of writing a storyboard, figuring the appropriate camera angles, scout and contact the recording venue and the participants for the video. Following this are recording the audio, sound production, editing the video, and finally evaluating the video.

From the data, it is seen that the student can follow through the choreographic instructions and understand the content taught. The general feedback indicates that the students like the content and are able to understand and follow through by themselves. There is also concern that some clips are long and too content rich, as well as a request for more clips about tossing and mounting techniques. The sample students were from Siam Business Administration Technological College (SBAC), and were successfully able to correctly use the techniques taught through the virtual classroom.

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