People’s Attitudes towards 2014 Thai Coup d’Etat: A Case Study of Prachinburi City Municipality

  • เจตริน เชยประเสริฐ
  • ธำรงศักดิ์ เพชรเลิศอนันต์
Keywords: Attitudes, Citizens, 2014 Thai Coup d’Etat


This study was aimed at investigating the public attitudes towards the 2014 Thai Coup d’état as well as the factors influencing such attitudes. This study was a quantitative research which employed the survey to collect the data from 399 samples residing in Prachinburi City Municipality, Mueang District, Prachinburi Province.

The results showed that most of the samples disagreed with the 2014 Thai Coup d’état. Specifically, most of them showed little agreement with the government’s development of bureaucratic system and sustainability. From the hypothesis testing, it was found that people with different genders, ages, and professions had different attitudes towards the democracy formation and the development of bureaucratic system and sustainability. However, people with different educational backgrounds and monthly incomes tended to have similar attitudes with a statistical significance of .05.

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