A Study of Increasing Efficiency and Improve Management Systems of Oil Tanker Company

  • กนกพิชญ์ โมลีวรรณ
  • วรินทร์ วงษ์มณี
Keywords: Lean, ECRS, Milk run, Backhaul, Oil Tanker Management


This article presents case studies to find more effective improving organization management about the customer selection processes and increasing income for the organization between the free time of one and long-term transportation including to study the problems and obstacles in the documents and regulations by the diagram showing cause and effect to analyze the loss in vain of oil tanker company.  The process of communication and send data via email during the shipping from the port to port was redundant and the restrictions of transportation schedules cannot use a full capacity of the ship and check the redundant certificates of the crew as well. To improve the organization to efficiency, the researcher chooses Lean concepts to make practical use of ECRS principles by using information technology systems together including the concept of Milk run and Backhaul transportation increase efficient transportation and income to the organization. And increase the efficiency of the customer contact process make the organization have the potential to compete. The results of study 1) The customer reduced the operating procedures to 2 steps and the management of sailing reduce the total of 3 steps and reduce the time from 67.5 hours to 30 hours in 3 months 2) Transportation, adding transportation trips make increase income 2,483,126 baht in 3 months. 3) As the crew reduced 2 steps and duration from 6 hours to 0 hours in 3 months.

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