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Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Welfare Management, Welfare, Organization Engagement


This Quantitative researh,with 6 purposes 1) to study the level of Employee Satisfaction 2)to study the level of opinions on Welfare Management 3)to study about Organization Engagement of employees 4) Study of the relationship between job satisfaction and Organization Engagement 5) Study of the relationship between employee perception of welfare management and Organization Engagement of employees 6) to study the differences of organizational engagement of employees by using personal factors. The population used in this research are employees of K.T Electronics Co., Ltd., 17 provinces in the northern of Thailand about 208 persons, research samples group is about 136 persons, determine the sample group by using Taro Yamane's formula are confidence at 0.95. The sampling method have multi-stage, by first step is quota sampling by random, second step is accidental sampling by random. A tools using this study is a questionnaire to make it happen theory by Abraham H. Maslow, Geert Hofstede, and Allen and Meyer, that researcher using descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation, and quantitative statistics at 0.05 significance level such as multiple regression test, t-test, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Post Hoc test.

The research found that, 1) The most of group samples are female, between 25-40 years old, education are high school, vocational and high vocational,  work experience is during 0-1years, they are marital status, they income about of  9,000-16,000 baht per month and they are an operational level product consultants  2) Overall this Job Satisfaction of employees are medium, in the “Social belonging needs”, the employees have a satisfied at a good colleagues relationship in their department highest average. 3) The level opinion on the Organization Engagement of employees are the highest, in the “Safety in work and health”, the employees think that in their work, accident insurance card is needed, are the highest average. 4) The organization engagement of the employees, are overall the medium level, in the “Normative commitment”, the employees sample group are feel, they are ready to willing cooperate with the organization have no ambiguity in mind, are the highest average.  5) Job satisfaction with organization engagement are relationship, by job satisfaction of employees in the “Physiological Needs”, they have a positive relation with organization engagement of K.T Electronics Co., Ltd.’s employees, are 2 factors, in the “Continuance commitment” and “Normative commitment”. 6) The organization engagement of employees relation with Job satisfaction, there are positive relation with organization engagement of K.T Electronics Co., Ltd.’s employees, all 3 factors (in the “Affective commitment”, “Continuance commitment” and “Normative commitment”) 7) The employees have education, income and position are different, they have organization engagement, in the “Continuance commitment” are different, by the employees group are graduated bachelor degree, they income about 24,001-32,000 baht per month, and they have an officer / supervisor position, they have organization engagement, in the “Continuance commitment”, are lower than employees group an under graduated bachelor degree, they income about 9,000-16,000 baht per month, and an operational level employees. In a parts of employees they are sex, age, work experience and status are difference, there are organization engagement have not difference.    

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